Fishing Clash Gift Codes for Exclusive In-Game Bonuses

Fishing Clash Gift Codes:-

In this Fishing Clash Codes 2024 Guide, we have shared all the working gift codes for Ten Square Games’ Mobile Game Fishing Clash, which gives free rewards like Power-Up Packs, Lures, and More.

This post covers Fishing Clash Codes that you can redeem for freebies like Power-Up Packs, Lures, and More. Right below the gift code list, we have shared instructions on redeeming these gift codes. Please bookmark this page and come back regularly for the new gift codes. Developers of this game release new gift codes regularly, and you should redeem them as soon as possible because most codes are time-limited, which means they expire after a few days or weeks[depending on the time limit set by the developers].

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Now, let’s not waste any time and check the available gift codes for the Fishing Clash.

Updated on May 12, 2024 – Checked for new codes

Wouldn’t it be great if you grabbed a legendary fish along with some free Fishing Clash gift codes before you went fishing? Wouldn’t it also be nice to claim a few that might give you some rare in-game items? If that’s the case, then we have got you covered with our frequently updated and working list of gift codes, ready for you to redeem.

Today, we have put out a list of both active Fishing Clash gift codes and expired ones that can be claimed in-game. To make this process easier, we have also written the process to redeem them stepwise. Now, let us take a look at it.

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Some of the gift codes won’t work if you are an older player or if you are above a certain level, so feel free to check them all out. Hopefully, most of them will work for you!

Working Fishing Clash Codes in May 2024

Here are all the active Fishing Clash codes handing out free rewards in February 2024.

  • TWF – Power-Up Packs, Frames, and Fish Cards
  • MLFTOLEDO – Power-Up Packs
  • FISHWITHARRAN – 30 Weights, 50 Luck, 3 Unique Frames, and 1 Lure Card (New players only)

Fishing Clash Codes [Active]

  • FISHWITHARRAN – Power-Ups, Frames, and Fish Cards (For new players)
  • Jackbite – Redeem this code for 1 Power-up Pack
  • CRIMSON – Redeem this code for 100 Pumpkoins
  • Deathweaver – Redeem this code for 100 Pumpkoins
  • WITCHFIN – Redeem this code for 100 Pumpkoins
  • POLTERRAY – Redeem this code for 100 Pumpkoins
  • GHOULFISH – Redeem this code for 100 Pumpkoins
  • NOSFER – Redeem this code for free Rewards
  • TWF – Redeem this code for free rewards

Expired codes

  • STINGRAY – 1x Power up Pack and 1 Silver Pack (Valid till February 7)
  • MLFTOLEDO – 1x Power up Pack
  • Workout – 1x Power up Pack (Valid till January 25)
  • pearlpalace6
  • Epicfish
  • Madeira
  • XMAS23 (Valid till December 26)
  • santa23
  • TWF – Free rewards
  • Blackfish
  • Deathweaver – 100 PUMPKOINS
  • Jackbite – 1 Power-Up Pack
  • mapleleaf
  • fcelite
  • Villagecatch (Expires October 15)
  • VOUCHER (Expires October 1)
  • nice – x1 Robo Bingo Balls
  • sharrrk – Shark Avatar
  • journey – Power up Pack
  • PICKLEBALL – Avatar ,Frame and Card background
  • Greengamejam
  • fishtrek- 1 Power up Pack
  • waterfall
  • stripedbass
  • earthag
  • EarthWeek
  • Goblin
  • happywomansday
  • Memory – free avatar frame (code for new players)
  • fishinggear
  • Palawan
  • Happy2023
  • Hellosanta
  • Swordfish
  • December
  • Nocturn
  • Caput
  • periculum
  • MORS
  • 5thbirthday
  • mystery!
  • NLTR09SP
  • goldie
  • RAYS
  • NLTR08AU
  • fishing
  • fishwithgeorge
  • Fishwithmichael
  • Fishwithrick
  • Fishwithalex
  • fishwithking
  • fishwithdavid
  • Fishwithpaul
  • sibiria
  • Fishwithrich
  • Mediterranean
  • superrod
  • mamry
  • WARM
  • NLTR06J
  • Sleeper
  • Ideas
  • semicircleangelfish
  • whitewhale
  • fun

Expired codes

  • nltr05m
  • earthday
  • Hello22
  • withu
  • NLTR03m – you must subscribe to the Fishing Clash newsletter first!
  • nltr02f – you must subscribe to the Fishing Clash newsletter first!
  • friend
  • saintpatricksday22
  • community
  • I fish you
  • heart
  • gnioks
  • djdj
  • frost2022
  • NLTR1112
  • POSITANO – Reward: 25000 Coins (Works only for players who have the new fishery unlocked)
  • Christmas
  • CRAB
  • HITWETZ – Reward: 25000 Coins
  • help – Redeem this code to get 1x Power up Pack and 1x Pack: Kenai River
  • Ornament
  • fearthestrong – Redeem this gift code to get 25000 coins
  • salmon – Redeem this gift code for 25 Tokens and 1x Power up Pack
  • loot – Only new players can redeem this gift code
  • pisces
  • Makukaja
  • POORBLOBBOturtle – 100 Pearls
  • 2JZC20LETLS2 – 10k Coins
  • fractal – 50 Pearls
  • sukunda -1x Power up Pack
  • Sun – Kenai Event rewards
  • ibelieveicanflyyyy -1x Gold Fortune Pack
  • 1875 – 1x Pack of Lures for the Deep SEA and 1x Power up Pack
  • thankyoumum -100 Pearls
  • SHALLOW – x50 Pearls
  • ghabeifg – Fortune Gold Pack with Lures
  • djdhabhd – 10k coins
  • FROST – 5,000 Coins and Booster Pack
  • HB3ZYW – 10k coins
  • gnmte – 25 Buffs
  • poppydots – x100 Pearls
  • eve – Kenai 3-Star Rod Package
  • FCXmas20 – Fortune Gold Pack with Lures
  • LHASA – +100% luck (x25)
  • sunken – 50 pearls
  • Phillips – in-game items (weight, speed, luck)
  • xylophone – high level gold coin box with fish cards
  • tvusa – black pack of complementary foods
  • ifnewlgtn – gold box with bonuses
  • Kaapstad –  catch fish (x25)
  • taras – 25k coins
  • otto – golden pack of baits
  • Ydmcvbaew – 100 pearls
  • Rumburak – Increase Speed, Luck and Crit Chance
  • fopbnexzr75 – Fortune Gold Package with Bonuses
  • kohaku – Golden Fortune Pack with Decoys
  • 3years – 1 Legendary pack with random decoys
  • bluecheer – 50 pearls
  • honolulu – 10k coins
  • sxfarvsi – bronze tackle box with maps
  • zyzz – 50 pearls
  • dorsz – 25,000 coins
  • Yarborough – 25,000 coins
  • EatEot – 50 pearls
  • AUTUMN20 – 25k coins
  • colorado – 100 pearls

How To Redeem Fishing Clash Codes?

Fishing Clash Gift Codes

Fishing Clash Gift Codes

To redeem Fishing Clash codes, you can simply use the Gift Code option in the Menu. Here’s how to find these options:

  1. Open Fishing Clash on your phone.
  2. Tap the Menu Button (upper right corner of the screen).
  3. Tap on Gift Code to open the gift code window.
  4. Enter the code you want to redeem.
  5. And you’re done! You will be able to see the free reward on your screen.

Make sure to enter the code exactly as it appears in the list above as they are case-sensitive.

Why are my Fishing Clash code not working?

You may be typing the code wrong, check again. The code may have expired, expired codes cannot be used. You may have used the code before, a code can only be used once. Although it is very unlikely, there may be an error in the code system or the code you are trying to use is regionally restricted.

Where do I get new Fishing Clash gift codes?

Fishing Clash Gift Codes

Fishing Clash Gift Codes

New codes are usually announced from the game’s official accounts. You can follow the official Fishing Clash FacebookDiscord (Discord not official) and Reddit page. Instead of checking all these accounts one by one, by bookmarking this page, you can be notified of all new codes!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Fishing Clash

  1. What is Fishing Clash? Fishing Clash is a mobile fishing simulator game with realistic experiences and global competitions.
  2. How do I play Fishing Clash? Download the game, create an account, choose gear, select a location, cast, and reel in fish.
  3. Available Platforms? Fishing Clash is on iOS, Android, and possibly on PC through emulation.
  4. Is Fishing Clash free? Yes, it’s free to play with optional in-app purchases.
  5. Offline Play? No, an internet connection is required for real-time features and purchases.
  6. Number of Locations? It features various locations worldwide, with updates adding more.
  7. Fish Species? Catch diverse fish from bass to marlin and beyond.
  8. Earning Rewards? Participate in competitions, complete challenges, and level up.
  9. Competing with Others? Yes, engage in real-time duels, tournaments, and club competitions.
  10. Social Features? Connect with friends, join clubs, and chat in-game for a social experience.


Fishing Clash is a popular mobile fishing simulator game that offers realistic experiences and global competitions. Players can enjoy diverse fish species, compete in real-time duels and tournaments, and connect with friends through social features. While free to play, the game offers in-app purchases for additional items. With its wide range of locations and constant updates, Fishing Clash provides an engaging and immersive fishing experience for players of all skill levels.

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