Anime Adventures Value List Updated

Anime Adventures Value List

Dear Gamers Empower your journey in Roblox Anime Adventures with our comprehensive codes list. Never worry about running low on gems and summon tickets again. Focus on defending your base and unlocking new adventures as you redeem these codes to enhance your gameplay experience. For More Game You Can Click Fruit Battlegrounds Codes And Evony Redeem Codes

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Anime Adventures Value List

Anime Adventures Value List

May 11, 2024: DealVidhi added new codes to our list.

Dear Gamer In Anime Adventures, a tower defense game, your goal is to gather popular anime characters and strategically deploy them to safeguard your base. Acquiring the best characters can be a challenging task, but our comprehensive list of codes is here to provide valuable goodies, giving you a strategic advantage in your game.

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DealVidhi.Com providing the new Anime Adventures codes. Players can use these codes to redeem various rewards in the game. Here they are for reference:

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Working Codes:-

Here are the new Anime Adventures codes

HOLIDAY2023: 500 Gems (NEW!)


Make sure to enter these codes in the game to claim your rewards. Keep an eye out for future code releases, as developers often introduce new codes during events or updates.

DealVidhi.Com providing the list of expired Anime Adventures codes.

Expired Anime Adventures Codes:-

  1. SACREDPLANET – rewards (new!)
  2. UNLEASHFUSESOON – rewards
  3. AMEGAKURE – 500 gems
  • fictionthefirst
  • kingluffy
  • noclypso
  • toadboigaming
  • subtoblamspot
  • subtokelvingts
  • subtomaokuma
  • SUMMER2023
  • NEWCODE0819
  • HERO
  • SINS2
  • SINS
  • NEWYEAR2023
  • CURSE2
  • Cursed
Anime Adventures Value List

Anime Adventures Value List

What are Anime Adventures codes?

Anime Adventures codes are special combinations of letters and numbers provided by the game developer, Gomu, that players can redeem in the game for various in-game rewards. These codes are often released to celebrate milestones, events, or updates in the game. Players can enter these codes within the game to receive items such as gems, summon tickets, and other valuable resources, enhancing their gaming experience.

It’s a common practice for developers to share codes through various channels, including social media, forums, or official websites. Staying updated with the latest Anime Adventures codes allows players to take advantage of freebies and bonuses, providing an extra boost to their progress in the game.

How do I redeem codes?

Anime Adventures Value List

Anime Adventures Value List

To redeem , follow these steps:-

  1. Open Roblox
  2. Launch Anime Adventures
  3. Locate the floating star labeled ‘CODES’
  4. Enter your code
  5. Click ‘redeem’
  6. Enjoy your freebie!

Now that you’ve redeemed the codes, consider exploring our Anime Adventures tier list. If you’re in the mood for something less blocky, check out our curated list of the best anime games.

Unlock the Mysteries of Anime Adventures with Exclusive Rewards and Top-Secret Bonuses:-

As the calendar turns to December 2023, Anime Adventures enthusiasts are in for a treat with a plethora of exciting opportunities. Dive into the gaming realm armed with Anime Adventures redeem codes specially crafted for this month. These codes unlock a treasure trove of bonuses and secret rewards, elevating your gameplay to unprecedented levels.(Anime Adventures Value List)

Curious about how to get exclusive items in Anime Adventures? We’ve got the guide for you. Discover the strategic steps to claim exclusive rewards, ensuring your character stands out in the gaming landscape. The allure of Anime Adventures in December lies not only in its captivating storyline but also in the exclusive items that can be yours with the right codes.

Speaking of codes, Anime Adventures December codes are your golden ticket to a world of possibilities. Uncover top-secret bonuses that add an extra layer of excitement to your adventure. These bonuses, carefully concealed within the game, are the key to enhancing your character’s abilities and unlocking features that set you apart from the rest.

Gear up for a month filled with exclusive rewards in Anime Adventures 2023. Don’t miss the chance to unravel the top-secret bonuses that await your discovery. Your journey into Anime Adventures just got more thrilling—redeem codes, claim bonuses, and become a legend in the Anime Adventures universe!

When are new codes released?

Anime Adventures codes are usually released in conjunction with new updates, with these updates often occurring on weekends. Additionally, codes are frequently issued to commemorate significant milestones in the game’s journey, such as reaching a billion visits. Seasonal events, such as Christmas and New Year, have also been occasions for the release of special codes. Staying tuned to the game’s official channels and community discussions during these events ensures that players can promptly access and redeem the latest codes for exciting in-game rewards.

Where are new codes announced?

New codes for Anime Adventures are announced on the game’s official Discord server. To save you time, we regularly check for new codes and update this page when new ones drop, and when previously working codes become inactive. Stay tuned for the latest codes to enhance your gaming experience!

What are Anime Adventures codes?

Anime Adventures codes are released by the game’s developer Gomu, and let players claim free Gems. Gems are the main currency in Anime Adventures and are used for the game’s gacha-style Summon system, which lets you exchange Gems for new units of varying rarity and power. Stay updated with the latest codes to boost your Gem collection and unlock powerful units in the game.

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Q1: What are the codes? A1: Anime Adventures codes are special combinations of letters and numbers provided by the game developer, Gomu. Players can redeem these codes in the game to claim freebies such as Gems and other in-game rewards.

Q2: How can I find new codes? A2: New Anime Adventures codes are typically announced on the game’s official Discord server. Additionally, you can check community forums and social media channels for updates. This page is also regularly updated with new codes.

Q3: What rewards can I get from ? A3: Anime Adventures codes often provide free Gems, which are the main currency in the game. Gems are used in the gacha-style Summon system to acquire new units of varying rarity and power.

Q4: How do I redeem? A4: To redeem codes, launch Roblox, open Anime Adventures, locate the ‘CODES’ section, enter the code, and click ‘redeem’. Enjoy your freebies!

Q5: When are new codes usually released? A5: New codes are often released alongside game updates, on weekends. Milestones and special occasions, like reaching a billion visits or seasonal events, also prompt code releases.

Q6: Where can I get the latest codes? A6: Stay updated by checking the official Discord server, community forums, social media channels, or this page, which is regularly updated with the latest codes.

Remember that codes may have expiration dates, so it’s advisable to redeem them promptly.


In conclusion, Anime Adventures Value List play a crucial role in enhancing the gaming experience for players. Provided by the game’s developer, Gomu, these codes offer valuable in-game rewards, with Gems being a primary currency used in the Summon system to acquire diverse and powerful anime characters.

To make the most of these codes, players should actively monitor announcements on the game’s official Discord server, community forums, and social media channels. Regularly checking this information ensures timely access to new codes, allowing players to claim freebies and strengthen their units.

As codes may have expiration dates, it’s advisable for players to promptly redeem them to maximize their benefits. The dynamic nature of Anime Adventures, coupled with the frequent release of codes during updates and milestones, adds an exciting layer to the overall gaming experience. Stay engaged, stay updated, and enjoy the anime-inspired adventure with the perks provided by these codes.