All Star Tower Defense Tier List Updated

All Star Tower Defense Tier List

Discover the thrill of obtaining Gems, Gold, and rare characters in All Star Tower Defense! We’re here to assist you in this exciting endeavor. In this post, we present you with the most up-to-date All Star Tower Defense Codes for Roblox. These codes grant you access to valuable rewards such as Gems, Gold, occasional Rare Character Summons, as well as the ability to purchase cool items like Emotes, Secondary Units, and much more.

Within this Website, you’ll find an extensive list of active All Star Tower Defense Codes Wiki, ensuring you receive plentiful in-game rewards and items. Be sure to bookmark this page to stay informed about new ASTD Codes releases. By redeeming the codes below, you can enjoy Free Gems and Gold. Don’t forget to join our social media community for the latest updates on All Star Tower Defense codes. Let the fun and rewards begin!

All Star Tower Defense Tier List

All Star Tower Defense Tier List

All Star Tower Defense Codes Wiki

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By applying these ASTD Codes in All Star Tower Defense, Dear Gamers will gain the ability to unlock primary characters in Hero Summon with much less difficulty, thanks to the abundance of Gems they provide. These characters play a crucial role in helping players secure victories, proving to be invaluable when facing hordes of enemies. With the aid of these powerful characters, progressing through the game leader board becomes significantly easier, enabling players to excel in the game.

In essence, All Star Tower Defense Codes substantially alleviate the challenges players may encounter during gameplay, making their in-game journey much smoother and more enjoyable. Embrace the advantages these codes offer and elevate your gaming experience to new heights!

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Here are the new All Star Tower Defense codes:

  • HunterStarPass – 140 stardust and 4,500 gems (you must be level 40+)
  • hope2024 – 140 stardust and 4,500 gems (you must be level 40+)

All Star Tower Defense codes (Expired)

  • videocode12135—Redeem for 100 Stardust and 2400 Gems (New)
  • EnumaElish2024—Redeem for 400 Stardust and 7300 Gems (New) (Requires 10 mins and level 60)
    • tournamentstart—Redeem for 150 Stardust and 5000 Gems (New) (Requires 10 mins and level 40)
    • newupdate1121—Redeem for 200 Stardust and 7500 Gems (Requires 10 mins and level 40)
    • UpdateThisWeek—Redeem for 150 Stardust and 5000 Gems (Requires 5 mins and level 40)
    • sorry4delay—Redeem for 150 Stardust and 5000 Gems (Requires 5 mins and level 40)
    • happyholidays2—Redeem for 200 Stardust and 5000 Gems (Requires 20 mins and level 100)
    • happyholidays1—Redeem for 200 Stardust and 5000 Gems (Requires 2 mins and level 40)
  • PreChriistmas2023—Redeem for 150 Stardust and 2750 Gems (Requires 2 mins and level 40)
  • newstarpass69—Redeem for 150 Stardust (Requires 20 mins and level 30)
  • happy3yearanniversary—Redeem for 300 Stardust and 2750 Gems (Requires 2 mins and level 40)
  • srry4delay—Redeem for 200 Stardust and 2750 Gems (Requires 30 mins and level 40+)
  • happyspookymonth—Redeem for 200 Stardust and 2750 Gems (Requires 30 mins and level 40+)
  • newupdatecode—Redeem for 150 Stardust (Requires 30 mins)
  • NewWorld2—Redeem for 150 Stardust
  • 6billionvisits – 200 Stardust, 2,500 Gems and July 4th unit (only works in new servers) (NEW!)
  • july4threalupdate – 150 Stardust, 2,000 Gems and Ganyu unit (req lvl 40+ and one hour playtime)
  • sorryfordelayupdate2 – 200 Stardust, 2,000 Gems (req lvl 40+ and one hour playtime)
  • abouttimesnowrbx2023 – 1 Ice X-Marine (Alternative) (req lvl 40+ and four hour playtime)
  • NavyXFlameOtherCode – 50 Stardust (req lvl 40+ and one hour playtime)(All Star Tower Defense Tier List)

As of July 2022, here are the currently active codes that can be redeemed by players in All Star Tower Defense. Rest assured, we will keep you updated with new codes as soon as they become available. Here are the codes along with the associated items:

 Summerwoo2022 750 Gems And EXP IV
 Ticketupdate 400 Gems
 Allstarspring 450 Gems
 Changesjune 450 Gems
 NavyXFlame130kNoLeak 500 Gems And Omega Rare
 Newaprilupdate 450 Gems
 Owouch 400 Gems

Stay up-to-date with the latest All Star Tower Defense (ASTD) promo codes and enjoy free rewards! The developers frequently release new coupon codes for the game, typically two or three per month. Bookmark this article to receive updates on ASTD promo codes and never miss out on valuable rewards.

Please be aware that the use of expired or illegal content is not promoted on this website. All information provided here is solely intended for entertainment purposes.

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To stay informed about the latest ASTD promo codes, you can follow these steps:

  1. Official Game Channels: Keep an eye on All Star Tower Defence’s official social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and their official website. Developers often announce new promo codes through these channels.
  2. Online Gaming Communities: Engage with fellow players on gaming forums, subreddits, or join Discord servers specifically dedicated to All Star Tower Defence. Players frequently share newly released promo codes within these communities.
  3. Bookmark DealVidhi.Com: For quick access to the latest promo codes, bookmark DealVidhi.Com, where they regularly update their list of gaming rewards and promo codes.
  4. Subscribe to Newsletters: Consider subscribing to the game’s newsletter or mailing list, if available. This way, you can receive updates directly in your email, including information about new promo codes.

Remember to verify the legitimacy of the codes you find and avoid using cheats or illegal content. Stay cautious of websites or individuals offering suspicious codes, as they may be scams.

Keep enjoying the All Star Tower Defence game and make the most of the rewards with the latest promo codes!

(Note: The information provided here is based on knowledge up to September 2021, and there might have been further developments since then.)

How To Redeem All Star Tower Defense Codes :

Redeeming All Star Tower Defense codes is an extremely easy process. Here’s how to do it step by step –

  1. Firstly, you need to go to the Official All Star Tower Defense Page.
  2. Then you have to click on the large green button to launch the game.
  3. In the game, you’ll see a large cogwheel icon on the right side of the screen. Click on that. The settings menu will appear on the screen.
  4. You’ll see the option – ‘ENTER CODE’ at the bottom of this window.
  5. Click on that. Now copy the given codes from our website and paste those on that space. Your codes will get redeemed and you will get the rewards.(All Star Tower Defense Tier List)


  1. What Are All Star Tower Defense Codes’ Usage In Roblox? Redeeming Codes In All Star Tower Defense Is Very Important As This Game Has Gacha Mechanics. Redeeming Codes Allows Players To Get Free Gems, Gold, EXP Etc. Gems And Gold Are Two Really Important Currencies In This Game As These Can Be Used To Purchase Various Items. Most Notably, Gems And Gold Help A Lot To Earn Primary And Secondary Units Within Hero Summon.Many New Codes Will Be Added Soon And You’ll Be Able To Get A Lot More Rewards Through Those Codes. We Will Keep Updating This Article With New Codes Regularly So Don’t Forget To Keep A Tab On Our Website.
  2. How To Find More Codes For All Star Tower Defense? If You Want More Free Codes Then You Will Get It By Following All Star Tower Defense Facebook And Others Social Media Page. Because The Developer Keep Releasing New Coupon Codes For The Game. So You Must Follow Their Social Media Page To Get Regular Codes Update And Others Update Related To Game.

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