Idle Heroes codes Updated

Idle Heroes codes:-

Idle Heroes is a popular mobile game developed by DHGAMES and is available for both Android users on the Google Play Store and iOS users on the Apple App Store. In this captivating game, players must assemble a team of heroes and work to level them up and upgrade their abilities to maximize their power.

With over 200 heroes to choose from, each with distinct abilities and unique skill sets, players can create special equipment to tackle raids and dungeons. To aid players in their adventures, the game offers the option to use Idle Heroes codes. These codes can be redeemed for exciting in-game items, including free gems, summons, relics, orbs, and much more. Utilize these codes wisely to enhance your gaming experience and strengthen your hero team for greater success in the world of Idle Heroes.

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Idle Heroes codes (April 2024)

Below, we’ve listed all of the codes that players can redeem for February 2024. These have been checked and are confirmed to be currently working as of April 6, 2024.

Some codes will require you to complete certain stages in the game – and upon attempting to redeem it, you’ll be notified of what requirements you need to finish before being able to receive its rewards.

  • ESATERIHAPR – 1000 Diamonds and 10 Heroic Summon Scrolls and more (Valid till April 30)
  • MARPD2024IH – 1000 Diamonds and 10 Heroic Summon Scrolls and more (Valid till April 30)
  • WUTIAN888
  • IH2024BETTER – 777 Diamonds
777 Diamonds
COMM2024IH1000 Diamonds, 10 Summon Scrolls
IHXMASGIFT1000 Diamonds, 10 Summon Scrolls
XMASBARRY777 Diamonds
SANTA2023IH1000 Diamonds, 10 Summon Scrolls, and more
60 Summon Scrolls
IH77750 Summon Scrolls (New players only)

DealVidhi.Com, we are delighted to present the complete list of active Idle Heroes promo codes for June 2022. The codes are provided below:

  • IH777: Rewards 50 Summon Scroll. (This code is for new players). [NEW]

Please note that existing Idle Heroes promo codes have a limited validity and will eventually expire. However, the developers continually release new promo codes for the game. On average, two or three Idle Heroes codes are released per month. These codes often provide valuable rewards like coins, gems, summon scrolls, and shards, while players may also receive other exciting in-game goodies. Stay tuned to this post to get all the latest updates on Idle Heroes codes and enhance your gaming experience with these amazing rewards. Happy gaming!

Expired Idle Heroes Promo Codes

Thank you for providing the list of expired Idle Heroes promo codes. Here are the codes that are no longer valid:

  • IHOCT2021: Rewards – 5 Heroic Summon Scrolls and 500 Gems.
  • 2022HAPPYCNY: Rewards – 1000 Gems and 10 Scrolls.
  • NEWYEAR2022
  • ASPEN2021IH: Rewards – 1000 Gems and 10 Heroic Summon Scrolls.
  • IHSEPT2021: Rewards – 1000 Diamonds and 10 Heroic Summon Scrolls.
  • IHNOV2021: Rewards – 1000 Gems and 10 Heroic Summon Scrolls.
  • SUMMER: Rewards – 500 Diamonds and 5 Heroic Summon Scrolls.
  • XMAS2021IH: Rewards – 1225 Gems and 10 Heroic Summon Scrolls.
  • SUMMERPARTY: Rewards – 500 Diamonds and 5 Heroic Summon Scrolls.
  • IHAUG2021: Rewards – 500 Gems and 5 Heroic Summon Scrolls.
  • Autumn2021: Rewards – 7 Heroic Summon Scrolls and 700 Gems.

Please note that these codes have already expired and cannot be redeemed for rewards. However, be sure to check back regularly for new promo codes, as the developers frequently release fresh codes with exciting rewards. Thank you for visiting and enjoy your gaming experience in Idle Heroes!

How To Redeem Promo Codes In Idle Heroes

Redeeming codes in Idle Heroes is a simple and straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Open up the Cool Events menu located on the right side of the screen.
  2. Press the Exchange Gifts menu on the left.
  3. Enter any of the active promo codes given above into the provided text field.
  4. Tap on the Exchange option to redeem the reward associated with the code.

By following these steps, you can easily redeem the promo codes and claim the exciting rewards in Idle Heroes. Enjoy the benefits of the codes and enhance your gameplay with the free gems, summon scrolls, and other in-game goodies they provide. Happy gaming!

That’s correct! Once players redeem the promo codes in Idle Heroes, the rewards are instantly delivered to their in-game mailboxes. It’s a quick and convenient way to access the rewards and start enjoying the benefits right away.

As a bonus, here’s a quick Idle Heroes tier-list for those who are interested:

S-Tier: Heroes with exceptional abilities and high versatility, making them incredibly powerful and sought after.

A-Tier: Heroes that are strong and reliable, capable of making a significant impact in battles.

B-Tier: Heroes with decent performance, but may lack the same level of power and versatility as higher-tier heroes.

C-Tier: Heroes with limited effectiveness, may require specific team compositions or strategies to excel.

D-Tier: Heroes that are generally weak and not recommended for competitive play.

Please keep in mind that tier-lists are subjective and can change with updates and balance changes in the game. Always consider team synergy and your playstyle when choosing and building your hero team. Enjoy your adventures in Idle Heroes!

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