All AFK Arena Reddit codes and how to redeem them (Updated)

AFK Arena Reddit

AFK Arena Codes is a fantastic game for players who love to receive free rewards in the mobile games they play. Developed by Lilith Games, this gacha RPG regularly releases AFK Arena codes that grant players a wealth of exciting in-game items, enabling them to progress swiftly in their adventures. As an expected bonus, AFK Arena is a free-to-play game, allowing players to dive into the captivating world of gacha RPGs without any cost. Embrace the journey, claim the codes, and enjoy the bountiful rewards as you embark on an epic AFK adventure!

What Are AFK Arena Codes?

AFK Arena codes are alphanumeric combinations designed specifically for the AFK Arena game, and they serve as a gateway to obtaining free rewards. These codes, consisting of jumbled letters and numbers, can be easily redeemed within the game. The developer, Lilith Games, frequently releases these codes, ensuring players receive exciting bonuses regularly. Additionally, the developer also introduces special codes during specific in-game events, which often have no expiry date.

In this article, you’ll find a comprehensive list of the latest AFK Arena redeem codes for December 2023. We will also provide you with a list of expired codes, enabling you to distinguish the codes that are no longer functional.

The current batch of AFK Arena new codes offers incredible rewards, such as free diamonds, gold, soul stones, hero, faction scrolls, and more. Redeeming these items is a straightforward process. All you need to do is copy the codes provided in the article and paste them into the redeem section of the game. We will guide you through the entire process of redeeming rewards using these codes in detail, so you can effortlessly claim your well-deserved bonuses. Worry not, as we have you covered!

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Working AFK Arena codes April 2024

.   DONLETTER: 10 Time Emblem, 10 Common Hero Scroll, 10 Stargazer Scroll, 10 Arcane Staff (NEW!)

  • b6tuz7utxn: 1k Diamonds, Large Hero’s Essence Chest, Large Gold Chest, Large Hero EXP Chest (NEW!)
  • mystery2023: Mirror Image
  • special2023: Powers of Reflection
  • lightbearer: Light of Piety
  • mauler: Undying Flame
  • wilder: Tuneful Spring
  • graveborn: Gallant Souls
  • afk888: 300 Diamonds, 20k Gold, 100 Hero’s Essence
  • misevj66yi: 60 Rare Hero Soulstones, 500 Diamonds, 5 Common Hero Scrolls
  • uf4shqjngq: 30 Common Hero Scrolls

All Active AFK Arena Codes (Updated February 2024)


CodeRewardsDate Added
LOVE2143x 8h Gold + 3x 8h Dust + 3x 8h Hero EXP + 1000 diamondsFebruary 13, 2024
bj6xb8kehv10 Time EmblemsFebruary 12, 2024
AFKCHUKJE410 Summon Scrolls + 10 Faction Scrolls + 10 Stargazing Cards + 2000 DiamondsFebruary 11, 2024
at7i63zyga10 Stargazing Cards + 10 Faction Scrolls + 60 Honorable SoulstonesFebruary 2, 2024
mystery2023Free stickerAugust 16, 2023
special2023Free stickerAugust 16, 2023
lightbearerlightbearer stickerApril 9, 2023
maulermauler stickerApril 9, 2023
wilderwilder stickerApril 9, 2023
graveborngraveborn stickerApril 9, 2023
maetria2023300 Diamonds + 300k GoldMarch 6, 2023
uf4shqjngq30 Summon ScrollsMay 1, 2021
AFK888300 DiamondsApril 15, 2021
misevj66yi500 Diamonds + 5 Summon Scrolls + 1 Rare HeroSeptember 25, 2019

New AFK Arena Reddit codes (December 2023)

As of July 24, 2023, there are 14 codes available to claim in AFK Arena, which can be found in the below table.

Redemption Code                                  Reward
SANSHUNEN10x Stargazer Scrolls / 2,000x Diamonds / 10x Common Hero Scrolls / 6x Hours of Hero’s Essence
39acdh37nk1,200 Diamonds / 6x Hours of Hero’s EXP / 6x Hours of Gold / 6x Hours of Hero’s Essence
39i4qttfzt 600 Diamonds / 6x Hours of Hero’s EXP / 6x Hours of Hero’s Essence
39judaxj5p60 Soulstones / 6x Hours of Hero EXP / Hero’s Essence
2yqs9jk2qw60 Soulstones / 6x Hours of Hero EXP / 6x Hero’s Essence
AFKRE01,000 Diamonds / 3x Large Hero EXP Chests / 3x Large Gold Chests / 3x Large Hero’s Essence Chests
gravebornGallant Souls x1
wilderTuneful Spring x1
maulerUndying Flame x1
lightbearerLight of Piety x1
LUCKY20233,000 Diamonds / 10 Stargazer Scrolls / 10 Common Hero Scrolls / 10 Time Emblems
afk888300 Diamonds / 100 Hero’s Essence / 20,000 Gold
misevj66yi500 Diamonds / 100 Hero’s Essence / 60 Rare Hero Soulstones
uf4shqjngq30 Common Hero Scrolls

Expired AFK Arena Redeem Codes:

● Y9khdntp3v : 60 Rare Hero Soulstones, 1000k Gold.
● Y9ntv77jvf : 1000 Hero’s Essence, 120 Rare Hero Soulstones, 30 Elite Hero Soulstones.
● Y9ijrcnfsw : 10 Common Hero Scrolls, 90 Elite Hero Soulstones, Large Crate Of Gold, Large Crate Of Hero’s Essence, Large Crate Of Hero XP.
● Happy2022 : 50 Faction Scrolls.
● Wf7wcxr4nz : 2 Large Crates Of Hero EXP, 1,000 Diamonds, Eight Large Crates Of Gold, Two Large Crates Of Hero’s Essence.
● Yazyax56rz : 300 Diamonds, 20 Elite Hero Soulstones.
● 4rytg4u2q6 : 300 Diamonds And 20 Elite Hero Soul Stones.
● Liuyan118 : 3 Faction Scrolls And 50K Gold.
● Liuyan233 : 3 Common Hero Scrolls And 50K Gold.
● Liuyan888 : 888 Diamonds And 100K Gold.
● 3gpasha3ch : 300 Diamonds And 20 Elite Hero Soul Stones.
● Happy2021 : 30 Faction Scrolls.
● 8e27shfk6b : 10 Stargazing Cards, 10 Faction Scrolls, 10 Common Hero Scrolls, 888 Diamonds, 8888 Hero Coins, 8888 Labyrinth Tokens Are The Stated Rewards For This Code.
● 85de5ar9ts : 10 Stargazing Cards, 10 Faction Scrolls, 10 Common Hero Scrolls, 888 Diamonds, 8888 Hero Coins, And 8888 Labyrinth Tokens Are The Stated Rewards For This Code.
● 7r3bbdqth2 : 300 Diamonds And 20 Elite Hero Soul Stones.
● 6u226crhtp : 300 Diamonds And 20 Elite Hero Soul Stones.
● 6wgh9ung66 : 1000 Diamonds.
● 65tdenbmtw : 20 Elite Hero Soul Stones And 300 Diamonds
Invincible : 60 Rare Hero Soul Stones.
● 576w235suw : 300 Diamonds And 20 Elite Hero Soul Stones.
● 57kh69fhzr : 1500 Diamonds And 60 Elite Hero Soul Stones.
● 7k8n2s9bnx : 300 Diamonds And 20 Elite Hero Soulstones.
● 76shwcv6e4 : 300 Diamonds And 20 Elite Hero Soulstones.

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How To Redeem AFK Arena Codes?

AFK Arena Reddit

AFK Arena Reddit

The developer of AFK Arena has recently transitioned the in-game code redemption process to an external website. To redeem rewards using AFK Arena codes, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Code Redemption Page on the external website.
  2. Enter your UID (User ID) on the website. You can find your UID by tapping your character portrait in the top-left corner when you open the game.

By following these simple steps, you can easily redeem your AFK Arena codes and claim the exciting rewards waiting for you! Enjoy your gaming journey!

AFK Arena Reddit

AFK Arena Reddit

Get More AFK Arena Redeem Codes?

Rest assured, you don’t need to worry about missing out on new AFK Arena codes. It is our responsibility to provide you with all the latest codes, and we’ll promptly update this article whenever new codes become available. To stay up-to-date, simply keep a regular tab on this article, and you won’t miss any of the latest AFK codes.

In addition, we will organize the list by placing the expired codes at the top. This arrangement will assist you in cross-checking any code you receive during your journey. By doing so, you won’t waste your time trying to enter a code that’s no longer valid. By shortlisting the valid codes using our article, you’ll be able to redeem rewards instantly without any issues.

The AFK Arena game is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. We hope that our guide will help you have a better and more enjoyable experience in the game. Happy gaming and may your AFK adventure be filled with fantastic rewards and exciting moments!(AFK Arena Reddit)

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