Coin Master game Resources or Items Meaning and Description

Spin: Spinning the slot machine is the primary action in Coin Master. Clicking the spin button initiates the spin, and the result determines the rewards or options, such as coins, raids, or attacks.

Coin: Coins are used to purchase items and build villages in the game. You need coins to progress.

Raid: Raiding allows you to dig for coins in another player’s village when you get a set of three pig icons during a spin.

Attack: The attack option lets you damage other players’ villages, earning you coins as a result. This happens when you get three hammer icons during a spin.

Card and Card Sets: Collecting cards and completing sets of nine cards can earn you rewards like spins or coins. You can obtain cards by completing villages, through raids, or by trading with other players.

Event: Events in Coin Master offer challenges and rewards. Completing events can earn you bonuses and prizes.

Village: Villages represent your progression in the game. You must build and complete villages to move to the next level.

Shields: Shields protect your village from attacks. You can have up to three shields in your inventory. If you receive additional shields when you have three, you’ll receive spins instead.

Village Shop: The village shop is where you buy items for your village using coins. Completing a village involves purchasing and setting up five different items from the shop.

Daily Bonus: The daily bonus rewards you with coins. You can spin the wheel to receive a random amount of coins based on your level.

Gifts: You can send and receive free spins, coins, and cards through the Gifts feature. It’s a great way to help out your friends in the game.

Village Map: The village map shows your current level and the villages you need to complete to progress.

Buy Coins/Spins: This option allows you to purchase coins or spins using real money if you run out in the game.

Village News: Village news displays the game activity of your friends, including raids and coins stolen.

Stars: Stars are earned by completing village items and collecting new cards. They contribute to your ranking on the leader boards.

Super Bet: Super Bet increases rewards for missions, but the bet level depends on the number of spins you have.

Viking Quest Missions: Viking Quest missions appear while playing Viking Slots and involve earning coins or hitting certain combinations on the slots.

These simple explanations should help new and existing players understand the key terms and concepts in Coin Master. Enjoy your game.

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