Set Blast Complete Cards Set with 30% – 100% Extra Bonus Spin

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Coin Master Set Blast Information

Coin Master’s game Set Blast is a highly anticipated event that offers players the chance to earn 30% to 100% extra rewards by completing their entire card set. This event grants bonus spins, coins, and XP to players who successfully finish their card collection during the event. If you’re looking to maximize your rewards during this event, then read on for some valuable tips and tricks on how to complete your card set and earn that coveted 30% to 100% bonus.

Coin Master Set Blast? 

The Set Blast is a surprise event that takes place 2 to 3 times a week and lasts for 1 to 2 hours. During this event, completing your card set will earn you an impressive 30% to 100% bonus reward. It’s important to note that extra rewards are not available for completing card sets on other days, and only the rewards listed on the set are available.

For instance, on a normal day, the SHAOLIN SET rewards 1000 spins and 50,000 pet XP, but during Set Blast, the same SHAOLIN SET awards 13,000 spins and 65,000 pet XP. It’s worth noting that Set Blast rewards are always 30%, although there have been instances where the bonus was increased to 50% in the past.

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Completing a card set in Coin Master can be achieved through various methods. Even on a normal day, players can use the following tips to complete their card set:

GOLDEN CARD – To obtain a golden card, players must play Viking Quest and draw the Joker card from the tournament. Another way to get the golden card is by purchasing a chest, which increases your chances of getting one.Enjoy The Game

NORMAL CARD – The easiest way to get a normal card is by searching among your friends to see if anyone has the card you need to complete your set. If this isn’t feasible, then you should consider buying a chest, as there are higher chances of obtaining a normal card through this method.Enjoy The Game

If you’re in need of a golden card, playing Viking Quest is the easiest way to get one or two cards that you need. However, the problem is that Viking Quest and Set Blast events never occur simultaneously, so players must plan accordingly to take advantage of both events. Enjoy The Game

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Trade The Cards For Set Blast: –

During Set Blast in Coin Master, players can trade cards with others to complete their sets. This is especially useful if you’re only missing one or two cards to finish your set. It’s essential to make sure you don’t overpay for a card, so be sure to use the card list as a reference.

Facebook Groups are a great resource for trading cards with other players. These groups allow players to connect and trade cards with others who may have the cards they need. It’s crucial to join active groups that are specific to the game to increase your chances of finding the cards you need to complete your set. By trading cards during Set Blast, players can guarantee they complete their set and earn the 30% bonus reward.

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