Coin Master Village Cost Full Information

Coin Master Village Cost

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Coin Master villages cost are the number of coins you need to build a village in Coin Master. For every new village you build in Coin Master you need more coins. The first Coin Master village price is only about 4 million coins. The second village will cost you about 6.6 million. Moving up to village 30 you need already over 100 million coins. This amount grows to billions of coins if you are past village 79. For the complete Village list in Coin Master you find the Coin Master Level Cost on this page. Make sure to know the level cost before you start building your village.

Update October 2022: added the Coin Master Village costs for the villages 482. Don’t get shocked. Village cost for village 482 is already over 360 trillion coins. That is 360. So, start stacking coins already ;-).

How Much Levels Cost On Coin Master:-

Below you find the Coin Master Village Cost for all villages we know so far. Just check them out and use this to your advantage.

Coin Master Village Cost

Coin Master Village Cost