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8 Ball Pool Cool Math:-

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Pool Rules:-

Pool is a popular game that is played all over the world by millions of people. However, there are many different varieties of the game, all with distinctly different rules and regulations. By far, the most popular forms of the game are the ones that originated in the USA, known as ‘eight-ball’ and ‘nine-ball’ pool.

Both are played on a normal sized pool table with the regulation six pockets and both have multiple championships around the world. However, it is eight-ball that is the more common game – the one you’ll most likely see being played at your local pool hall and the one that most people first think of when the word pool is mentioned.

Eight-ball pool can be played as a singles or doubles game and is played with cues and 16 balls, 15 object balls, and one cue ball (the ball the players strike to try and hit the other balls). Pool can be a relatively high-speed game compared to its close relatives snooker and billiards but that makes it no less skilful with players requiring a high degree of skill, concentration, and tactical thinking to play the game at a high level.

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8 ball poll cool math

8 ball poll cool math

Object of the Game

The object of pool is to pot all of your designated balls (either stripes or solids) and then pot the 8 ball, thus winning the game. As pool matches often consist of several games in a ‘best out of’ format, players attempt to win as many games as needed to win the match. Players must use their skills in both attack and safety play, as well as tactical nous to help them win the match.

Players & Equipment

To play pool, the following pieces of equipment are required:

  • Table: The table used in pool is approximately 9 feet by 4.5 feet although games can often be played on differing sized tables.
  • Balls: 16 balls in total, comprising a white cue ball, seven striped balls, seven solid balls, and one black ball (8 ball).
  • Cues: Players have a cue each which can be made from wood, carbon fibre, or fibreglass and this is used for striking the cue ball.
  • Chalk: To ensure they have more control over their shots, each player tends to chalk the end of their cue to ensure there is good contact between the cue and the ball.


There is no score as such in pool with both players simply attempting to pot all of their designated object balls and then potting the 8 ball into the pocket that they have chosen. However, pool matches are often played over a number of games, so for example, in a best of nine frame match, the first player to reach five frames would be declared the winner.

Winning the Game

8 Ball pool is won when one of the following occurs:

  • A player pots all of their designated balls and then legally pockets the 8 ball into their nominated pocket.
  • The opposing player illegally pots the 8 ball before clearing their own set of balls.
  • The 8 ball is knocked of the table by the opposition.

Rules of Pool

The rules of pool are some of the most contested of any sport, with slightly differing variations being played in different countries, cities, areas, and even establishments. However, the World Pool Billiard Association (WPA) have produced a standardized set of rules for both amateur and professionals by which to abide.

  • Before the game begins, the object balls should be placed in a triangular rack and positioned at the lower end of the table so that the apex ball of the rack lies on the foot spot. The order of the balls should be random apart from the black 8-ball, which should be placed in the middle of the third row. The white ball should be placed anywhere behind the service line on the table.
  • If it is the first game in a match, a coin should be tossed to decide who gets to choose whether to break. After that, the break is taken in turns.
  • To make a legal break, the player must hit the balls and ensure that four balls hit cushions and that the cue ball doesn’t go down a pocket. If the 8-ball is potted on the break, the player is entitled to ask for a re-rack.
  • The first player to pot an object ball will then have to continue to pot the balls from that category (stripes or solids). The opposition player will have to pot the other group.

8 Ball Pool Cool Math:-

  • A player will continue to make shots until they foul, or fail to pot an object ball. Then it is the turn of the opposing player. Play continues like this for the remainder of the game.
  • If a player commits a foul, the opposition player is entitled to place the cue ball anywhere on the table. There are numerous fouls in pool, some of the most common being:
    • Failing to hit your own object balls.
    • Hitting the cue ball off the table.
    • Potting one of the opposition’s object balls.
    • Hitting the cue ball twice.
    • Pushing the cue ball rather than striking it.
    • A player taking a shot when it is not their turn.
  • Once all of a player’s balls have been potted, they must then sink the 8 ball. They must first designate which pocket they intend to pot the 8-ball in and then do as stated. Failure to do so will result in the opposition player returning to the table. If the player pots the 8 ball in any other pocket other than the nominated one, they forfeit the game.
8 ball pool cool math

8 ball pool cool math

The 8 Ball Pool Game:

These are the few basic functions of the game you should know about:

  • Once you start the game, you or your opponent will be asked to place the cue ball on or behind the head string of the table.
  • You need to drag your cue stick in a circular motion to aim at the cue ball.
  • You then have to pull down the stick to determine the force and release the cue stick to hit the shot.
  • You can use the ‘strike point’ option on the cue ball to spin the ball when required.

Fouls in 8 Ball Pool:

You are said to have committed a foul when you do one or more of these things in an 8 ball pool game:

  • You pocket your opponent’s ball (if you are stripes, you cannot pocket a solid and vice versa)
  •  You hit your opponent’s ball (if you are solids, you cannot hit a stripe with the cue ball and vice versa)
  • You pocket the cue ball
  • The ball you hit doesn’t touch the pool table rail
  • The cue ball doesn’t touch your desired ball.

Tips and Tricks:

Try to incorporate these pool game tips and tricks into your game to increase your chances of winning:

  • Try to break the rack well with a good first hit that spreads the balls around the table nicely. The more your balls are spread around the table, the better your chances to pocket them.
  • Try to be very accurate with every hit – accuracy is the key!
  • Pay attention to where the cue ball goes after your hit – if you pocket the cue ball, your opponent scores.
  • Use the spin feature when required.
  • Control how hard you hit the balls – this will decide whether a ball is pocketed or not.
  • You should select a battle room as per your level of proficiency in the game – if you select a higher level battle room, your chances of losing the game are higher.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 8 Ball Pool Cool Math:

  1. What is 8 Ball Pool?
    • 8 Ball Pool is an online multiplayer game developed by Miniclip, where players can compete against each other in virtual pool matches.
  2. How do I play 8 Ball Pool?
    • Players aim to pocket all of their assigned balls (stripes or solids) and then pocket the 8 ball to win. Each player takes turns hitting the cue ball to pocket their designated balls.
  3. Is 8 Ball Pool free to play?
    • Yes, 8 Ball Pool is free to play. However, it offers in-app purchases for items like cues, pool coins, and cash, which can enhance gameplay or unlock certain features.
  4. What platforms is 8 Ball Pool available on?
    • 8 Ball Pool is available on both iOS and Android devices, as well as through web browsers.
  5. How can I earn coins and cash in 8 Ball Pool?
    • Coins can be earned by winning matches or participating in tournaments. Cash, which is a premium currency, can be acquired through in-app purchases or by leveling up.
  6. Can I play against my friends in 8 Ball Pool?
    • Yes, you can challenge your friends by connecting the game to your Facebook account or by using their unique IDs.
  7. What are the different game modes in 8 Ball Pool?
    • 8 Ball Pool offers several game modes including 1-vs-1 matches, tournaments, and mini-games like Spin & Win and Scratch & Win.


8 Ball Pool is a popular online multiplayer game developed by Miniclip, offering players the excitement of virtual pool matches. It’s accessible on various platforms including iOS, Android, and web browsers, and is free to play with optional in-app purchases for enhancements. Players can earn coins and cash through gameplay, challenge friends, and compete in different game modes such as 1-vs-1 matches and tournaments. Understanding the game’s rules, leveling up, and customization options for cues and tables are essential for an enjoyable experience. With its engaging gameplay and social features, 8 Ball Pool continues to entertain millions of players worldwide.

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